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Blue Check Unisex lounge Pants
Blue Check Unisex lounge Pants

Blue Check Unisex lounge Pants

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Style Instow, Blue Check Unisex lounge Pants - Blue, Navy and White tartan style check trousers for teenagers to wear at any time of day! not just for bedtime

Really soft brushed fabric in 100% cotton, making them perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. We've added a soft jersey inner waistband for that extra comfort especially as most teenagers spend a lot of time lounging on their beds or the sofa so they need PJ trousers that are not just roomy, but super comfy as well.

Time to get comfy? Cover all your chill time needs with our lounge pants. Wonderful weekends start with feeling completely comfy, so start lounging in luxury 


Make your downtime as comfortable as can be in these legendary unisex lounge pants

or pyjama bottoms, great for sleeping, reading, surfing, video gaming.
Machine Wash

Great style for boys or girls

100% cotton